Historic Campus tour – Saint Cloud State University

By Jannet Walsh

When I was a student at St. Cloud State University, Class of 1986, I would swim laps in the historic pool at Eastman Hall. My freshman English teacher would swim in my lane, wearing a beautiful floral swim cap.  I wish I could remember my “aquatic” English professor’s name, but we did more talking than swimming.  Now I have wonderful memories at the historic  Eastman pool.

Swimming Pool, Eastman Hall (1930), St. Cloud State University, 1930. Photo from St. Cloud State University Archives.

Swimming Pool, Eastman Hall (1930), St. Cloud State University, 1930.  Photo courtesy of the St. Cloud State University Archives.

Eastman Hall, built in 1929, now closed to the public, is named for Alvah Eastman, former member of the State University Board.  I’d love to swim in the old pool in the future.

This week I jumped on a chance to take a historic guided walking tour by Thomas Steman, University Archivist and Professor at St. Cloud State University. Bill Morgan, Emeritus Professor, was unable to make the tour and was the other scheduled presenter. His campus building descriptions were read by Steman at the historic campus sites along the walk.

Emeritus Professor Morgan was my American Studies instructor as a student at SCSU. I still have my term paper I wrote about my family, Minnesota roots, part of the Bishop Ireland colonies. My old American Studies paper, typed on an electric typewriter, has  been pulled out several times over the past several years for reference and family history details.

Go historic! – Here’s a link to University Archives if you like to learn more about SCSU’s historic campus.

Click on photos below to view in full screen.  All the images were taken with an iPhone 6 by Jannet Walsh, Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015.