Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial – Basic editing

Video Editing Basics

Direct link –  Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial Videos

About:  This is a video tutorial series with basic editing for your first video project with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  Go to Adobe to learn more or get a free trial of the program.

The series was designed for my students at St. Cloud State University in COMM 240, Introduction to Multimedia Class.  If you are not a student in my class, please feel free to follow along using your own video clips for the project.

Getting Started – What you will learn
  • Workspace – Understand the main sections of the workspace for Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • Safe Margins – Learn how to set safe margins and why it’s important.
  • Three Point Editing – Learn the basics of three point editing for media clip in source monitor and timeline.
  • B-Roll – Learn how to insert B-Roll, supplemental video or background video,  on timeline and make adjustments.
  • Audio Editing in Timeline – Learn how to mute and adjust audio levels on media clips.
  • Audio Editing with Keyframes – Learn how to work with pen tool to adjust audio levels.
  • Titler – Learn how to use the Titler to create title slides for the main title, lower third, crawling and rolling.
  • Transitions – Learn how to make basic video transitions with media clips.
  • Exporting video – Learn how to export video from Adobe Premiere Pro CC and share videos with world.
  • Upload video to YouTube – Learn how to upload video to YouTube, along with suggested caption and title tips.

App used to record video editing
The video series was created on my MacBook Pro using ScreenFlow to record videos while editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  All video was shot on location in Seattle, Washington.

Let the video editing commence!

Jannet Walsh