Create a new project – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Downloading video – Panasonic AC90

About – These are basic steps for downloading video from the Panasonic AC90 and creating a new project Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  This is for the video section of COMM 240, Introduction to Multimedia  course, at St. Cloud State University, with Jannet Walsh, instructor.

  • Turn camera off before removing SD (Secure Digital) cards from Panasonic AC90 
  • iMacs – The iMacs have a SD card slot or reader located on the back of the computer display. Locate the slot and insert your SD card.
  • Media storage Acceptable locations only:  The DataHD on the lab computers.  There is plenty of room for large media files.  The other is a portable external hard drive, connect computers with USB or Firewire.  It’s just like the DataHD, but you own it and files are not public.   Having your own portable hard drive is highly recommend.
  • Jump drive or flash drive is designed only for file transfer and temporary storage.  They are not fast enough or designed for editing video.  If your jump drive is large enough, you might be able to transfer your project on it when you are done working on it for the day.
  • Create Folder in Data HD in iMac, portable hard drive – In the Data HardDrive or your portable hard drive, NOT jump or flip drive, create a folder for your video. Give folder your name, such as JannetWalshVideoProject. Name it something that will be easy to find.
  • Private Folder – Copy the Private folder located in the SD card on the iMac desktop, to the folder in the DataHD or your personal portable hard drive. DON’T RENAME PRIVATE FOLDER. Do not take the files out of the folder. Move the entire folder named PRIVATE
  • Removal of SD card from iMac – Before removing card, make sure you can locate all your files in your folder in the DataHD or personal hard drive. Right click on the SD card and eject or use the ejection button on the keyboard to remove the SD card.
  • More than one SD Card – If you have more than one SD card to download, create another folder inside video folder, JannetWalshVideoProject, and copy the next Private folders, but don’t rename PRIVATE folder. Follow this procedure for the next SD card download. This will help prevent damaging video files during downloads.

Create new project – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Open Adobe Premiere Pro application, icon is purple with letters PR.
  • Create new Project – Go to: File, new project or use the welcome window to create new project. Example: 120415JannetWalshfinalvideo
  • Save project in your video folder, JannetWalshVideoProject, you just created in the DataHD or your portable hard drive.
  • Use the Browse button on the New Project window to go to the DataHD. The Scratch disk should be Same as Project location.
  • Import Media Clips – Now you need to import the media clips you just copied from the Private folder, now located in the DataHD or portable hard drive. JannetWalshVideoProject.
  • Import Media – Go to the Media Browser, lower left corner of Premiere Pro window, Shift +8.
  • Next, navigate to your video folder, JannetWalshVideoProject, in the DataHD or portable hard drive. You will see your media clips appearing as thumbnail images.
  • Right click on the PRIVATE folder with your media files, select IMPORT. COMMAND S to save.
  • Your clips are now in your media browser ready to edit!