Menu, navigation with WordPress

Creating a custom menu – WordPress

The menu is generally a bar located at the top of a WordPress site, depending on the  Theme.
Here you will find the links to pages, such as home, about, contact and more.  The menu also referred to  as the navigation, to help visitors find their way around your site.  Learn more at WordPress Support about menus.


Getting started  – Create Menu

    1. Watch the video from or proceed to the next step.
    2. Go to your menus tab, select your website, then select Menus.
    3. Create a primary Menu – Called it Main Menu, and then save.
    4. Organize your Menu – If you have create pages, the pages will be listed in your first menu.  If you want to move the an item, like the Home page or About, just click on the “+” next to the pencil and move the page up or down.  It’s important that you save your changes. 
    5. You can now visit your site and look at the updates.