Social Media Sharing on WordPress

Sharing with Social Media on WordPress

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Here you will be setting up your social media to publicize your WordPress blog  updates automatically, sharing posts with friends.   There will be options about the sharing buttons and other items.  You can decide what social media you want to share on this page.  Remember to save changes.
Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 7.18.01 PM

  • Got to My Sites, then locate Configuration and select sharing in the sidebar.
  • There are two sections:  Connections and Sharing.  Connections is for sending out your posts and updates to your social media sites.  Sharing allows you and visitors to your site to share.  You can configure both section, only one or none.
    socialconnections SocialSharing
  • There will be several social media services available, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.
  • Customize the social media you want, the button size and more.
  • Learn more about social media sharing at WordPress support.
  • Don’t have a WordPress site?  No problem?  Use the WordPress Quick Start guide to get started free!