WordPress Widgets

Getting started with WordPress Widgets

Don’t have a WordPress site yet?  Use the WordPress Quick Start guide to get started free!

Widgets are small content modules used to personalize your WordPress website.  They can be located in the footer or sidebar, depending on you theme. Widgets can display Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more.  The Widgets for Multimedia Toolkit are all located at the bottom of the page or footer. WordPress has more details at their support site about widgets.

  • In your WordPress site, go to My Sites, select the WordPress site you are working on.  Locate the option to Customize, and click on Customize.widgetpanel03cropped
  • You will now be at the Customizer.  Here you can add, remove and configure widgets
  • Configuring Widgets – In the Customizer, select the Widgets tab.  The Widget area will vary from theme to theme.  Some widget area are located in the footer, the sidebar or both.

    Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.27.36 PM

  • Add Widgets – First, click on the widget area.  In the panel, click on Add a Widget.  The Customizer will show all the available widgets.  Click on the widgets you want to add.
  • IMPORTANT – If you have only the footer widget area, distribute the widgets across the bottom, see below.  You will likely have three or four widget area for the footer.  If your theme is set up for a sidebar only, place the widgets in the top widgets first, then in the lower area areas so it easy for readers to find your cool widgets!
    Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 6.30.24 PM
  • Learn more – WordPress has more details at their support site about widgets.
  • Don’t have a WordPress site?  No problem?  Use the WordPress Quick Start guide to get started free!