Adding photos, media to WordPress posts and pages

Posts with photos

Adding images to your post is easy  to do from the Post Editor and Page Editor.
Don’t have a WordPress site yet?  Use the WordPress Quick Start guide to get started free!

Proceed with caution using photos on your WordPress site or any website.  You must have permission to use an image if you didn’t create it and also give proper attribution or credit.  Learn more about photo permission and attribution.

  • Getting started – In your WordPress Editor, that’s where you create a post or page, you will see an Add Media button.  Click on the button and you can upload your photos, add information, select image size and more.  When you are ready, insert the image into your post. The image  will appear.  You can also edit the image or remove it after you have inserted into the post.  Learn more about uploading photos from WordPress support.
  • Media – Accepted file types for WordPress posts, pages
    It’s not just photos that can be added to your blog post.
    Images:  .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif  Get more details on images at
    Documents:  .pdf, .doc, ppt, .odt, xls, .zip ( Premium users)
    Audio:  .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, .wav
    Video: Only Premium users can upload video files directly to their site.
    Learn more about accepted file types at support.
  • Posts with Flickr Photos
    is a web photo management application that allows you to upload your photos and share your favorite images.  It’s easy to embed Flickr photos on your blog.It’s as easy as selecting the Flickr images you want to share.  Click on the share button, grab the link and paste into your blog post.  Get full details at tutorial.View the photo above at Flickr, photo by Jannet Walsh.  Click on the share button in the lower right corner.  A box will come and a link will appear.  Grab the link and paste in your post or page editor on your site.
  • View a related blog post about Flickr images at Multimedia Toolkit.