Creating first post, editors in WordPress

How to create a first post in WordPress

Don’t have a WordPress site yet?  Use the WordPress Quick Start guide to get started free!

Post or blog post – A post or blog post is what makes up your blog, serving as the content listed usually in reverse order on your blog’s front page or on a designated blog page, if set as a static website or blog.  Learn more about setting up blog to look more like a traditional website than a blog, only the blog posts.

Pages and Posts – Posts are associated with a date, included in the link.  Pages are the static pages:  About, Home, Contact and other pages that are seldom updated.  Learn more about WordPress pages and posts at WordPress support.  Learn more about creating pages.

  • Publish a new post – In WordPress, go to My Sites, select your blog, then locate Posts, then add new.  Add a headline and start writing in the text editor.  There are many options for formatting text, lists and more at the top of the editor.  Explore all buttons.  The kitchen sink button, upper right in the tool area will open an close the editor tools.first post
  • Visual  Editor – The Visual Editor is the default editor in  This editor gives you an almost all visual content editor that allows you to create, edit and format your blog.  In other words, it’s almost like a word processor program. Learn more about the Visual Editor at support.
  • Text Editor – The Text Editor has less options the Visual Editor, but allow you to add HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, the main language used to make web pages.  To view your blog in HTML,  select the Text button located above the editing window.
  • Sticky Posts – Make a post or a special post go to the top of your blog post lists.  This might be great if you want to feature a post or when visitors to read one post first.