How to make a link, hyperlink in WordPress

Linking pages, text  and images in WordPress

A link, short for hyperlink, is a word, group of words or an image that you simply click on and go to a new page or section on your WordPress site or the Internet.

Don’t have a WordPress site yet?  Use the WordPress Quick Start guide to get started free!

  • You can add link in the Visual Editor or the Text Editor.  Learn more about Visual and Text Editors at WordPress support.
  • Button method – You first highlight the text you want to link.  Next, use the link bottom on the toolbar, looks like a chain link.  The button next to the link with the slash is to unlink a work or group or words.  Use can use the search box to link any post of page on your WordPress site.
    hyperlink02 copy
  • A popup box will appear and enter the link to  website link on your site or on the Internet.  Save,  or add link.
  • The link in the editor will now appear blue.  Save update to your blog post or page.  Test the link to make sure it’s going to the correct location.
  • Update or remove link – Simple go to the link in the editor and a small edit box will appear.  Select the pencil icon to edit or X to remove.
  • There are more ways to make a link.  Go to WordPress support to learn more.