Compress website folder for dropbox


Students in COMM 240 – Website assignments require a compressed folder to be submitted to the D2L.  It’s important to be able to compress or archive a folder for submission.  Go directly to the Apple site for more details.

Why compress?  – Knowing how to compress a folder or file is a vital digital skill that allows you send files via email. Some website host providers require the entire website to be compressed or archived to make a website live. Compressed folders take less space and it’s helpful for backing up copies, taking up less space on your computer disk.

Compress folder – Your folder can’t be located in jump or flash drive when compressing folder.  Move folder to the desktop, DataHD or your portable hard drive.  Right click, select compress and an archived folder will be ready for upload.

What to include 

You need everything that will make your website function.
Include all folders: images, css, js, fonts and pages
Include all HTML pages


Don’t include any additional folder not required to make your website function.
Don’t include the Word document you wrote your content for the website, PSD files or anything that you would not want to be public.


compress website folder on a mac

1. Find your website folder, make sure it is closed, located on desktop or DataHD or portable hard drive.

It can’t be located on a jump drive or flash drive.  

2. Make sure all the required content is located in the folder for your website: images, css, js, fonts and pages.

3. Compress folder: Right click and press compress.  An archived folder should have been created.

4. Right click to compress on Mac.

5. Ready for upload to drop box!