Record Screen Video of Website

Record Screen Video

Use for background video, b roll

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If you have an Apple computer, it’s easy to create video of your website to use in your video for Background Video, or B Roll, especially if you are making a video to promote yourself, career or your business.  You might only use a few seconds of your screen video in a video production, but it’s good to know how to record a screen video on your computer.

What else?

If you have websites you have designed, WordPress sites or want to show a video clip from your YouTube or Vimeo channels, this is also a great opportunity to share and promote your career.

Ken Burns Effect – Adding movement and scale to images and video.  If you have still images, photos, art or  more, use the Effects Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, working with movement and scale, often called the Ken Burns Effect.  Students taking in my course can get help in class with their video projects.  Ken Burns Effect works for images and video.  (Continue on below for creating screen video.)
Ken Burns Effect for still images
Ken Burns Effect for video

Locate QuickTime Player on Apple Computer

You might need to download or update application, see details at Apple.
Download app from Apple – Windows and Apple

  1. Web Browser – Have the web browser, (that’s Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and more) for the website open you want to record. Open and adjust  browser  so you can have the best view possible of the website. Grab the side of the web browser to adjust width or  a corner to adjust width and height.
  2. Find QuickTime Player – Use the search or magnifier, located in the top toolbar on your desktop, search for QuickTime Player. You can go to your Applications and also search for QuickTime Player.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.28.46 AM
  3. Launch QuickTime Player – Click on QuickTime Player and it will launch. In the top toolbar on desktop, go to File, select new Screen Recording.
  4. Record box, red button appears  – You will now find a little black box with a record button. Select the red record button.Use your cursor and outline/select what you want to record, just like a screen shot.  (If you just want the website and not the toolbar of the browser, then outline the area.  A box will be created with your cursor. )
    A Start Record message will appear, select, and recording will start.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 4.13.30 PM
  5. Show and Tell – Now just navigate with your mouse or touch pad on your website, what you want to show. Make smooth movement, up and down, not herky-jerky.
    Think about this the same way you would create a panning shot with a video camera, left to right movement, or a tilt shot, up and down movement.  If it’s difficult to watch a video clip, then it will  only distract from your video production.
  6. Stop Recording – To end recording, go to the top of your desktop  window, look for a round button, select, and a QuickTime video will appear.
  7. Go to  File, Save and Name Video – In the top of the tool bar, Go to File save, and name the video and select the location to save.
  8. Watch video – You should watch video and make sure it’s what you want, or make another screen video recording.  *You might need to practice recording screen video a few times before you are confident with the process.
  9. Add video clip to video production  – The video is ready to add to your video production, such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro X or iMovie or more!  You can also upload directly to YouTube now if video is not part of a video production or there’s no required editing.
  10. Audio, Optional – If you want to record audio with your screen video, when the record box with the red button appears on your desktop, select the drop down arrow next to the red button. Next, select how you want to record audio, selecting internal  or an external microphone, preferred method.  Note:  If you are just adding your video to video project as background video, and don’t need additional audio, skip this step.