Adobe Photoshop file content, caption

Adding file content in Adobe Photoshop

How to add photo caption to Adobe Photoshop

  • First, to  the top of the window in Adobe Photoshop, select File, then File Info.  A new window will open.
  • Update Document title
    Example 090418 Jane Smith SCSU Hockey
  • Add your first and Last Name
  • Author Title: Add your title, such as photographer
    Or St. Cloud State University Student Photojournalism Student
  • Description and AP Style Photo Caption: Add complete Associate Press Style caption for each photograph
    See compete details for AP Style Photo Caption required for each photo submitted.
  • Copyright status: Update to Copyrighted. (YOU ARE copyright holder as student)
  • Template:  Use this content with other photos, select Template, then Export. Save file and Import to photo that are similar instead of creating from scratch.
    (See XMP file you can update and get started with captions.)
    Download XMP, and double click to open
    Then, upload to photo and create your photo details.
  • Select OK
  • Save and continue with your image.NOTE:  If you are working on a series of photos from the same event or story, having a temple is very helpful so you only update a few details for the  photo caption.