Apple Image Capture

Download video, photos from iPhone, iPad, DSLR to Computer

APPLE computers – If you will be shooting your video or photos on your iPhone or iPad, or other camera, and editing on you computer, try using the Image Capture application instead of iTunes.  See details below.

  • Launch Image Capture App – You might need to search or go to Applications.  This app comes with all Apple computers, but it might not be located on the dock.  Ask for help if you are not sure.
  • Attach the cable from the iPad or iPhone to the Apple Computer.
  • Your device will appear, if you see a lock, you will need to unlock device.
  • Navigate to your Video Folder – See Import To:  You will need to select OTHER, and find your folder or create a new folder.  Make sure you know where your video is going to be stored!
  • You can select or deselect – Delete after import, lower left corner
  • Select your folder, and then Choose
  • Finally, select Import
  • You will now see images importing.  Make sure you can see the media going into the folder
  • If your video is not located in the media folder, move it now.
  • The process should now be complete. Make sure you save your video in more than one location or be prepared to reshoot.