Chapter 5, Internal Communication


Internal Communication

Overview of chapter

Internal Communication

The ROPE process is useful for planning  and carrying out an employee relations program.  ( ROPE:  Research, Objectives, Programming and Evaluation)


The workforce, existing levels of satisfaction, state of relations between management and employees and the effectiveness of employee communication are major factors of research for employee relations communication.


Impact Objectives include the desired outcome for increasing employee knowledge of an organization and reaching a favorable employee  attitude and behavior toward an organization.
Output Objectives efforts made by the public relations practitioner to recognize employee contributions, distributing employee communications effectively and enhance the employee impact objectives.


Might include catchy, inspirational themes, events, training, campaigns or programs, social events, controlled communication, including emails, newsletters, bulletin boards, displays, social media and more.


Evaluation should reference back to each stated objective.  Surveys can be used to follow-up on evaluating attitude and behavioral objectives.

Each element of ROPE process should be designed for each situation.