Civil Rights Website Project

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Civil Right Project Part One
Civil Right Project Part Two



Thursday, March 3, 2016, end of class

  1. Attach a screenshot of the home page, index.html, of your website in D2L. Do not include in the Website folder. (Screen shop:  Shift, option, 4 on the Mac.)
  2. Attach compressed folder of the website folder.  There should only be the content for the website and nothing else in the website folder.
    Compress folder – Your folder can’t be located in jump or flash drive when compressing folder.  Move folder to the desktop, DataHD or your portable hard drive.  Right click, select compress and an archived folder will be ready for upload.
    Get help with this in class.  If your website is late because you can’t compress  the folder, your assignment will be considered late.  Make sure you understand how to compress  your website folder. See this link on how to compress a file.


Students will choose from a provided list of  groups that have fought for civil rights in the United States. Students will then research that group, in particular the leaders of their movement for equality.

Website you will be making   – See it now!   

Website version two, full page slider   – See it now!   

Ask for help if you want to create version two of the Civil Rights Website.  

Applications –  Using Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud, students will built their own website using best practices.  This project will use Bootstrap from one of the Dreamweaver themes that is ready to use.   Student will prepare photos to use  on their website in friendly formats using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.

Deadline and Delivery – Deliver a compressed folder of your completed website, uploaded to the D2L drop box on March 3, 2016 at end of class.  Send a screen shot of your home page, index.html.  This is not included in your website folder. 

Make sure you understand how to create compressed folder for delivery.
See directs listed below.  You project will be late if you have not delivered project by the deadline.

Compress website folder for dropbox
websitefolder1. Find your website folder, make sure it is closed, located on desktop or DataHD or portable hard drive.
It can’t be located on a jump drive or flash drive.
2. Make sure all the required content is located in the folder for your website: images, css, js, fonts and pages.
3. Compress folder: Right click and press compress.  An archived folder should have been created.
4. Right click to compress on Mac.
5. Ready for upload to drop box!


Civil Rights Project Part one

Research and Content – What you are doing – Selecting a civil rights topic; research content for photos, videos, online information,  and writing original content.
Go to Part One


Website Creation – What you are doing – You will be creating a website with Dreamweaver Creative Cloud about your civil right topic and at least one leader or person that helped advancements in civil rights.
Go to Part Two


Grading Rubric

Possible Errors

Point Loss
(Per occurrence)

  • Wrong tags used around an element
  • Missing closing tag of a pair
  • Tag incorrectly written
  • Tags added where they shouldn’t be
  • Missing a required or recommended attribute
  • Improperly nested tags
  • Typo
  • Other minor error


  • Missing required tags around an element
  • Missing required element
  • Missing required content
  • Use of nonexistent tags
  • Hyperlinks not working
  • Photos on index.html slideshow not all the same size
  • Meta data not updated
  • Other moderate error


  • Significant structural error, missing required pages or design elements
  • Navigation not complete or working
  • Missing pages
  • Text is not readable or in complete sentences.
  • Photos not cited  properly
  • Other major error

-3 or more