Create InDesign Package

Preparing InDesign projects for submission

Learn how to create InDesign package.

How to save Indesign as a package

  • How to save Indesign as a project
  • With your project open in InDesign, click File > Package.
  • In the pre-flight dialog box, click Show Problems Only to see any issues that need attention.
  • Click Package. Tick boxes to include fonts, linked graphics, and document settings. Click Package again.
  • Your InDesign document, image links and fonts will all be included in one folder.
  • You need to compress the folder also before uploading. Send ONLY as a compressed folder! (Mac:  Right click and press compress, or go t File, Compress folder.  An archived folder should have been created.)
  • Submit Word Doc with citing all sources  for images, licenses, hyperlinks to ALL sources.
  • Get help if you are not sure.