Student Demo sites

Demonstration websites

This  page has links to the websites students are currently creating in Introduction to Multimedia, COMM 240, at St. Cloud State University.  Student can see  what their website will look like when they are complete.

Learn how to view code
This is the visual part of an Hyper Text Markup Language, HTML, page. If you want to see what’s hidden behind this page in the actual source code, you can simply press Ctrl+U (Windows) or ⌘-Option-U (Mac). If you are confused, then go to Google’s helpful page about viewing source code with this hyperlink.

Current website assignments

View First WebsiteHMTL and CSS, created with Dreamweaver

View Civil Rights Website Version One – Dreamweaver with Bootstrap

View Civil Rights Website Version Two – Dreamweaver with Bootstrap


Websites with HTML and CSS

Basic HTML and CSS website pages

Basic website with HTML and NO CSS