Uploading website to SCSU student webspace

Uploading website to Web

If you are a student, faculty or staff at Saint Cloud State University, you can upload a website to your own Huskynet webspace.  I highly recommend students in my COMM 240 upload their finished and graded website to share and understand how to upload a website and make it live on the Internet.  If you are looking for a job, you can share your resume, portfolio and more with future employers.

I’ve put together the steps to help you make your website live.
Best wishes,
Jannet Walsh

  • Students – 500Mb
  • Faculty and staff – 700Mb
  • Student organizations – 500Mb

Webspace and file home  
About web and file space
Student web address:

Students web address – Your web address will be Student Web pages: http://studentweb.stcloudstate.edu/email
Replace “email” with the first part of your email address (minus the @stcloudstate.edu).
You can make a request for additional space, contact

Here’s my webspace with sample website:  web.stcloudstate.edu/jlwalsh1

scsuwebspace copy

Live website now!


  1. Locate your website folder, prepare to compressed content, not folder.
    Prepare an archived folder with all the content from your website.  This is only the content that makes your website work, such as html files, photos, css, and other required items.
  2. Select your website contentnot the folder that it’s in, see below.  On a Apple computer, go to the finder or right click, select Compress items and an archived folder is created.
    Note: If your content is located in a jump or flash drive, move it to the desktop or hard drive to compress. You will receive an error message if you attempt to compress items or a folder on a jump drive.
  3. Sign in at:  https://webfs.stcloudstate.edu/main/default.aspx
  4. Locate the Personal file space and then the FileSpace folder.
  5. Click on the File space and a WebSpace folder will appear.
  6. Now click on the WebSpace folder – you should see:  Root, Filespace, WebSpace
  7. WebSpace is the location your website will go.  Then click save.  Archived folder will appear under the WebSpace, images.
  8. Importing your website contents compressed folder – Click on the Upload icon with the yellow arrow, a box will appear to help you unpack your archived website for display.
  9. Test site – go to your website address and test your site.
  10. My students can ask for help in class or from HusyTech if you encounter problems.  huskytech@stcloudstate.edu